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The Praseo language is the language spoken in the environs of the city of [[Prasa]]. It exists in a variety of dialects which extend from the Bounded Sea, along both the north and south shores of the [[White Mouth Bay]], and along the south shore of the [[River Prasa]] all the way to [[Azatsi's Spine]]. The dialect of the city of Prasa was the ''de facto'' standard dialect, and is the one documented here.
A very early form of Praseo is spoken by the characters in ''Storm Bride''.
= Praseo grammar =
The major grammatical features of Praseo are documented on their own pages (most of which don't exist yet, but I'm working on it):
* [[Praseo nouns]]
* Praseo pronouns
* Praseo verbs
* Praseo syntax
= History of the Praseo language =
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