Praseo language

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The Praseo language is the language spoken in the environs of the city of Prasa. It exists in a variety of dialects which extend from the Bounded Sea, along both the north and south shores of the White Mouth Bay, and along the south shore of the River Prasa all the way to Azatsi's Spine. The dialect of the city of Prasa was the de facto standard dialect, and is the one documented here.

A very early form of Praseo is spoken by the characters in Storm Bride.

Praseo Grammar

The major grammatical features of Praseo are documented on their own pages (most of which don't exist yet, but I'm working on it):

[Praseo phonology][Praseo nouns] [Praseo pronouns][Praseo verbs] [Praseo syntax]

History of the Praseo language

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