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The Yivriindi were the largest and most influential sub-culture within the cultural sphere of the Yivri. Their language was Yivriindil, commonly known simply as the [[Yivrian language]].
The Yivriindi occupied the central part of Yivras, the broad, fertile valley of the [[Lakam River]], which reached from where the Lakam River and the [[Tsingris River]] met in the south of Yivras, nearly to the edge of the [[Prasa River]] in the north. The region which the Yivriindi occupied was known as ''Yivriindas'', at the center of which stood the city of [[Kendilar]]. Kendilar was the seat of the [[Kenda]], considered the ruler of all Yivriindi, and in some eras the dominant political force throughout Yivras.

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