Land of Storm Bride

The following map shows the major geographical features which are mentioned in the novel Storm Bride, as well as the location of major events in the story.

Map of the portion of Aratasa where Storm Bride is set. (Click for a larger image.)

Notably absent from this map are Kendilar, which lies a ways to the south of this map, and the Bans, the original homeland of the Yakhat, which lie very far to the east.

Places of note

Azatsi's Fingers

Azatsi's Fingers are the northernmost extensions of a much larger mountain range known as "Azatsi's Spine", which forms the barrier between Yivras and the eastern steppes.

Bounded Sea

The Bounded Sea is not labeled on this map, but it's the ocean on the western edge of the map, into which the White Mouth Bay opens.

The Gap

The Gap is a wide pass through Azatsi's Fingers, which serves as the major trade portal for all trade crossing between Yivras and the lands further to the east.

City of Prasa

The city of Prasa lies at the mouth of the River Prasa along the shores of the White Mouth Bay.

River Prasa

The River Prasa runs along the bottom third of the map, from its headwaters in Azatsi's Fingers to the White Mouth Bay.

White Mouth Bay

The White Mouth Bay is a large water inlet which curls around the southern tip of the White Teeth Mountains.

White Teeth Mountains

The White Teeth Mountains are a chain of active volcanic mountains which have their southern extent across the bay from the city of Prasa, and extend north a short ways beyond the top of the map.