Yivrian language

Yivrian was the language spoken by the Yivriindi, the largest and most politically powerful ethnic group found in Yivras. Yivrian is the most well-documented of the languages of Yivras, with abundant textual attestation and a long history, and it is also the only language (at present) in which we can present long translated texts.

Yivrian was spoken throughout the fertile central valley of Yivras, from the coastal highlands in the west to the forests of Vanavar in the east, and stretching from the Prasa river in the north to towards the lowlands around the river Tsingris. The Yivrian capital city of Kendilar is found roughly in the center of this area. In the south, there is a dialect continuum between Yivrian and Tsingrisil, while the north presents a much more abrupt transition to speakers of the Praseo language.

The variety of Yivrian documented here is the prestige dialect of Kendilar as it was spoken at the height of the Yivrian classical period, around 2000 AB.

Yivrian Grammar

The grammatical features of Yivrian are documented on their own pages:

Yivrian phonology

Yivrian nouns

Yivrian pronouns

Yivrian verbs

Yivrian syntax

History of the Praseo language

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